Citation Formatting Api

The EasyBib citation formatting API is a way for third parties to create accurate, fully-formatted bibliographical citations. It is a REST-based API that works by receiving raw source data and responding with a formatted citation.

Some use cases for this API include:

  • Electronic databases utilizing the API to create exportable citations for their content
  • Online newspapers and scientific journals using the API to create citations for their articles
  • Blogs adding citations for their posts to encourage readers to cite them in their own works
  • Research applications using the Citations API to generate citations for later retrieval

As with any API, there are some rules of the road. We’re a pretty flexible with how you use the API, but set the following terms:

To utilize the API, you need an authentication key that we tie to an IP. Abuse of our service will result in a revocation of your key. Commercial or high traffic usage of the API may be subject to fees. Please contact us for more details.

Our current formatting API version is 2.1.