Citation Formatting API: Populate EasyBib form fields with citation data

Another option we provide is letting third parties automatically post data to EasyBib. This option provides a seamless way for content providers to let their users save citations directly to their EasyBib account. This is similar to offering an “export to bibliography manager,” but since EasyBib is online and free, can be a more useable option for users.

To go down this route, just POST the JSON data, named “data”, to EasyBib. You may want to URL-encode it to prevent things like quotations breaking your form submission.

For instance:
<input name="data" type="hidden" value="[your url-encoded json data]" />
The URL to post to is:
Your data will then appear in the appropriate EasyBib forms based on the source field you included.

Bulk posting citation data

For services wishing to allow their users the ability to save multiple citations to EasyBib at one time, we offer a method of sending data in bulk.

The payload should be structured as a json array, with each citation as a json string, and given a POST name of ‘data’:

POST 'data': [{json_string1}, {json_string2}]

and sent to

Note: This URI supports posting of a maximum of 20 citations at a time.